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Social Media Marketing is Not Enough

The Chamber of CannaBiz was founded in January 2015 in Menominee, Michigan as a way to advertise legal Cannabis industry businesses and products online regardless of the restrictions on our freedom of speech on social media and other existing platforms.

As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other media giants constantly delete and ban our businesses and our content from their platforms, and censor our businesses and voices, we must create our own websites and other online platforms where our data cannot be simply deleted without warning or reason by those who disagree with Cannabis legalization.

I am not the only Cannabis industry business professional in my circle who has had their Facebook Advertising account banned for life. In my case, the reason was for simply trying to boost a post which promoted website development services to the Cannabis Industry. Because in the past, I had also tried to boost ads for meetings and events hosted by Northern Wisconsin NORML, a nonprofit organization that I sit on the board of, they said I had a “history of low quality ads”. They denied my appeal, and they offer no support, and no way to appeal.

After 10 years of advertising my non-cannabis related businesses on Facebook, and thousands of dollars spent, they banned me from running paid ads because I advertised that I could make Cannabis industry related websites. I was banned even from advertising my non-cannabis related businesses. All because I tried to offer website design and marketing services, a legitimate and legal business service, to the legal Cannabis industry.

I live in Michigan, a state that has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis.  There should be no reason I cannot advertise my Web Design, Hosting, Domain Names, Marketing, SEO and other services to other businesses in the legal Cannabis industry. It makes no sense.

Another Chamber of CannaBiz member was banned from advertising for life the same week that I was, for trying to promote a THC themed music festival in Michigan.

I have heard from many other small business owners over the years who encounter the same types of problems when trying to advertise a cannabis related business online. Sometimes their business pages are deleted randomly with no warning or explanation. If they have no other business presence online, this can be absolutely devastating for their sales and customer support. This is why we urge everyone to have their own website, and simply use social media as a tool to drive traffic to it.

Since we are excluded from normal business advertising services that are available to other industries, I decided to make my own cannabis industry advertising website!

I created this website to facilitate advertising and marketing for the Cannabis industry, and to network with other industry professionals.

Post business listings, press releases, news, events, products, services, and other promotional materials for your business and reach an audience who is searching for exactly what you have to offer.

Grow your Business, network, and connect with new customers and businesses. Join Us Today!

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